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Teros - Your Partner for Sustainable Airbnb Hosting!

Are you an Airbnb host looking to enhance your guests' experience while reducing your environmental footprint?

As passionate advocates of sustainability, Teros is here to empower you with eco-conscious products and solutions to make your Airbnb property a green haven for your guests.

Contact us to join our Tasmania AirBNB group and learn about new products, host discounts and sustainability tips.

Your guests will also appreciate that your Teros purchase from this collection will help secure important land for conservation through the Tasmanian Land Conservancy.



Product type
Tasmanian Soap Company Vegan Soap 100 g
Olieve Olive Oil Soap Teros
Soap Shaker and Dishwashing Soap
Beauty & the Bees Soap Bar 120 g Honey & Olive Oil Teros Tasmanian
Olive & Ash Olive Oil Soap (Unboxed) Teros
Dindi Naturals Heart Soap 150 g
Dindi Naturals Soap Leaf
BioBag Compostable Bags with Tie Handles
Safix Scrub Pad Teros
Full Circle Dish Cloth (3 Pack) Teros
Dindi Naturals Guest Soap 10 g
Downunder Wash Co Tuffy Soap Bar 120g Teros Tasmanian
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