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Bokashi One Mix - Bag

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Bokashi One Mix is composed of wheat bran and risk husks that have been sprayed with natural micro-organisms. The Mixture has been thoroughly dried so it can be stored safely for years without losing any of its effectiveness. It is recommended that approximately one tablespoon of the Bokashi One Mix be added for each cup of food scraps placed in a composter. More of the mix is needed when breaking down high protein foods like meat, fish, eggs and cheese. Once in contact with the food scraps, the micro-organisms get to work and speed up the fermenting process as well as eliminating strong odours. The Bokashi One Mix is designed to be used with the Bokashi One composter, but will work with any composting system. 

Each bag of Bokashi One contains 1 kg of the mixture in a convenient zip lock bag.

Bokashi is an Australian company that designs and manufactures all their products locally. Composting your food waste prevents it from clogging up landfill and greatly reduces your carbon footprint. In addition to being a fantastic fertiliser, the Bokashi juice can also be used in toilets/drains/septic systems to destroy bad bacteria before it enters our waterways. 

Making a difference

  • Reduces food scraps and pet poop from going into landfill
  • Helps fertilize your garden from natural products
  • Indirectly, helps feed your family home grown fruit and vegies
  • Supports an Australian owned business


  • A container and bokashi mix (to help break down scraps and waste)

About Bokashi Composting Australia

Bokashi Composting Australia is an Australian owned business which focuses on reducing kitchen, and now pet waste, from going into landfill. Bokashi composting is convenient and hygienic which utilises waste to produce nourishing compost and rich juice (from kitchen waste) which is great for your garden.