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Bokashi Enso Pet (Pet Waste Composting)

SKU: 784672157902

EnsoPet is the first pet waste composter of its kind. The innovative, in-ground composting system is designed to break down all pet waste including: dog, cat and rabbit. The EnsoPet consists of 4 sections of recycled plastic that clip together to form a bottomless cylinder with a screw on lid. The system is designed to be buried with the top opening level with the ground. Once installed pet waste can be picked up using the tongs included and dropped into the cylinder. The walls of the cylinder have specially designed holes to allow for moisture and worms. When used in conjunction with the EnsoPet Starter waste is broken down promptly, returning carbon and rich nutrients to the soil. The closed in system also eliminates odours as the waste breaks down. 

Dimensions: Base Width: 35 cm, Top Width: 18.5 cm, Height: 40 cm. 

Kit Contains: 

  • The easy to assemble recycled plastic composter
  • A 1kg bag of EnsoPet Starter
  • A pair of tongs
  • Full Instructions

Bokashi is an Australian company that designs and manufactures all their products locally. Composting your animals waste prevents it from clogging up landfill, enriches your garden soil and greatly reduces your carbon footprint.  

Making a difference

  • Reduces food scraps and pet poop from going into landfill
  • Helps fertilize your garden from natural products
  • Indirectly, helps feed your family home grown fruit and vegies
  • Supports an Australian owned business


  • A container and bokashi mix (to help break down scraps and waste)

About Bokashi Composting Australia

Bokashi Composting Australia is an Australian owned business which focuses on reducing kitchen, and now pet waste, from going into landfill. Bokashi composting is convenient and hygienic which utilises waste to produce nourishing compost and rich juice (from kitchen waste) which is great for your garden.