Focus 2021 Planet 5.8 Wave


The 2021 Focus Planet 5.8 Wave is a wonderful option for those looking for an onroad and offroad ride with an easy step through design. This Focus model is quiet and the Bosch Performance e-drive (Gen. 3) offers efficient and strong support up to 25 km/h. Thanks to 500 Wh battery capacity, you can reach all destinations around. In eMTB mode, the motor support adjusts automatically to your riding power. The battery is perfectly integrated into the down tube, yet it can also be removed at any time for charging.

It comes fully equipped with a rack, fenders and a stand – the Planet² 5.8 is fully equipped with all necessary features. The smart LiteMove light system perfectly illuminates your lane with 70 Lux and your tyres are ready to ride off the tarmac. 

Weight (including battery): 23.85 kg