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Solidteknics Formed-Iron Dual-Handle Bigga Skillet 35 cm

SKU: 9350480000283

The Solidteknics 35 cm Bigga is the largest skillet in the AUS-ION range. The skillets 4 mm thickness allows for even heating and the dual handles enable easy manoeuvring. With a huge 4.5 litre capacity, the list of possible dishes is endless!

Dimensions: Length: 44 cm, Height: 5 cm, Diameter: 35 cm, Weight: 3.77 kg, Volume: 4.5 L. 


  • Multi-century warranty
  • 100% Australian made
  • Non-toxic
  • Forever renewable
  • Formed from a singular, seamless piece of Australian iron sheet
  • Cleans and seasons the same as cast iron cookware
  • No rivets for improved hygiene and durability 
  • Broad concave handle for increased control and decreased fatigue
  • Vented handle to reduce heat transfer to user
  • Suitable for use on all heat source 

Solidteknics is a Sydney based company that develops innovative cookware, built to last for generations. The AUS-ION range of Solidteknics launched in January 2018 and are made from 100% wrought, Australian iron. Wrought ion shares the same positive attributes as cast ion, yet is weighs half the amount! Seasoned iron, non-stick, fry pans and pots, are the only cookware that will not leach chemicals and/or parts of their synthetic coating into your food. The simplicity of the one-piece design, also improves hygiene as there are no small crevices for food particles to lodge. Solidteknics are an ease to clean and even easier to season. Solidteknics are so confident in their products that they offer all customers a century long warranty. Each Solidteknic piece is engraved with its manufacturing date so that a record can be kept as they are handed down through families.