Puzzles and Games

The essentials of a great life include love, play and nature at all ages. For younger ones, it also helps to have durable green toys, bikes and helmets. Teros offers a wide range selected for their durability, friendliness to our earth and supporting fair trade principles.
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Petit Collage What Am I? Game
Planet Finska Shut the Box Teros
Planet Finska Tri Dominoes Teros
Puzzling Puzzles Bottle Lock Large Teros
Puzzling Puzzles Golf Box Teros
Puzzling Puzzles Plane Small Teros
Puzzling Puzzles Box Z Teros
Puzzling Puzzles Cribbage 2 Track Colour Teros
Petit Collage Wooden Fishing Around Game
Petit Collage Wooden Wild Rainbow Game
70 results