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Fowlers Preserving Snap on Caps (4 per Pack)


Fowlers Snap on Caps are airtight, moisture-proof and protect against insect infestations. They are designed to be used to keep your preserves fresh, once opened. The Snap on Caps are made from BPA-free linear low density polyethylene. Each pack contains 4 lids.

Size 3 Caps fit bottle sizes: 14, 20, 27

Size 4 Caps fit bottle sizes: 31, 36, 65 

Please note that Snap-on Caps used with bottles manufactured prior to 1970 may not produce an airtight seal.

Fowlers have been a trusted name in Australian households since 1915, renowned for their reliable and good quality preserving equipment. Fowlers strive to maintain a low environmental footprint by sourcing locally whenever possible and only using the purest ingredients.