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Maya Organic Baby Building Blocks

Baby building blocks are a set of blocks in different shapes and sizes to encourage stacking, balancing and building! Rectangles, cylinders, triangles, cones and squares form a part of this set, which encourages creativity and imaginative play. A little booklet with a few models is also included, oh the possibilities!

Making a difference

  • A Fair Trade product where artisans are respected, receive fair wages and have safe work conditions
  • Uses safe, non toxic vegetable dyes
  • Created by a traditional handmade process, helping keep alive centuries old skills
  • Made using natural and locally abundant wood resources
  • High quality long-lasting product that reduces landfill
  • Biodegradeable
  • No child labour


  • Consists of 18 timber pieces
  • Some uncoated and some lacquered pieces
  • A range of shapes including cylinders, cones, triangles, square and rectangles included
  • Learn to balance, count, stack and create different structures
  • Educational and fun
  • Safe, non toxic colours
  • Age 3 years+

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