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Maya Organic Tuttu Turtle


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Tuttu Turtle is a cute wooden turtle with a special 'lac ware'Śćglossy shell on it's back. Unlike varnishes, the gloss is achieved through a unique and traditional polishing process that only uses solidified natural dyes.

As Tutu moves, the patternŚćof its shell rotates and is sure to keep young ones mesmerized. Tuttu's shell is beaded through its body, to keep it secure and safe from getting lost. Tuttu Turtle is aŚćbeautifully crafted wooden pull along toy to run heaps of races with!

Making a difference

  • A Fair Trade product whereŚćartisansŚćare respected, receive fair wagesŚćand have safe workŚćconditions
  • Uses safe, non toxic vegetable dyes
  • Created byŚća traditional handmade process, helping keep alive centuries old skills
  • Made using natural and locally abundant wood resources
  • High quality long-lasting product that reducesŚćlandfill
  • Biodegradeable
  • No child labour


  • Traditional and durable wooden pull along toy
  • Beautiful natural glossŚćcreated with traditional 'lac ware' technique
  • Tactile and fun
  • Age 12 months+