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Redecker Cedar Hanger Rings


Redecker's Red Cedar Hanger Rings are a great natural alternative to chemical moth balls which are known to be toxic to people, unborn babies and pets. Red cedar wood is completely natural and has a pleasant aroma to people but deters moths. Slip the rings over the metal hooks of your clothes hangers to protect and freshen your wardrobe. To rejuvenate the scent, lightly sand the surface of the wood or dab with cedar oil.

Making a difference

  • Free from chemicals that are toxic to the environment and health
  • Made from sustainably sourced timber
  • Third generation family business specialising in hand-crafted brushes
  • Made from natural materials
  • Biodegradeable


  • Natural product to deter moths
  • High quality product
  • Made from Red Cedar
  • Handmade by skilled craft people
  • 10 pieces per bag


The first Redecker brushes were hand-made in 1935.  When at the age of four, Friedrich started to lose his eyesight, he was enrolled in the Soest School for the Blind in Germany. There he received the standard training for the blind of that time, brush making. In order to provide for his family, Friedrich took his knowledge of brush making and created Redecker. 75 years later, Friedrich’s grandson carries on the tradition of providing high-quality products for everyday life.  Lots of things have changed since then but what has remained the same is the core values of Redecker with skillful craftsmanship, sustainability, function and design. Redecker are a modern family-owned company based in Germany who always place high value on their products not only being practical but also beautiful and, most of all, ecological. Natural and sustainable raw materials are the most important aspects when they choose their materials.