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Andersen Shopper Coupling G1 - Pull Easy


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This adapter is designed to attach to most bicycle carrier racks to allow for the hitching of the Anderson bike trailer or Anderson Shopper shopping trolleys. The kit includes the side rails, clamps, hitch unit and a battery-powered tail light that mounts adjacent to the hitch.


Attaches to the bike pannier rack (must have minimum load capacity of 25 kg)

Can also be used on many pedelecs/e-bikes even with rack-mounted battery

 Strut diameter 8-16mm

Width of luggage carrier :103-170 mm

Includes battery powered tail light


About Andersen Shopper of Germany

For more than 55 years Andersen Shopper Manufaktur has been making shopping trolleys in northern Germany – its constant concern being top quality and innovation.

The use of trolleys are obviously good for the environment as they reduce the use of plastic bags and also avoids back problems from carrying heavy loads. What’s more, using your Shopper attached to your bike helps you to keep fit and makes you a responsible citizen.

Whether you want to have a picnic with bag and baggage or if you plan bulk buying. The combination of bicycle and Shopper provides almost “bottomless“ storage space.