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Art of Tea Herbal Infusion (Loose)


Herbal infusions, although not technically a tea, still rival traditional tea both in health benefits, and tastiness. Art of Tea has created specialty blends to help a variety of ailments from lack of sleep, to trouble breastfeeding. They are currently working on making every herbal infusion they sell 100% organic.

Making a difference

  • Local Tasmanian business means minimal carbon miles
  • Uses local and organic ingredients when possible
  • Recycable cardboard packaging
  • Loose leaf tea eliminates any waste usually caused by tea bags
  • Commited to using only the highest quality ingredients, with tea-lovers' health and wellbeing in mind


  • 25 or 50 grams of delicious herbal infusion, each with a different blend of high quality ingredients
  • Brewing instructions catered to each blend on the box
  • Each box of tea is hand packed with care and the customer in mind


Art of Tea was established in 2000, as a small pop-up stall selling 12 tea blends at the local Salamanca Markets. With the mission of making sure everyone is able to enjoy a decent cuppa no matter where they are, they expanded their range, sharing their love of tea with the whole island State. Now, with over 130 unique blends of tea and herbal varieties, Art of Tea is sure there is a tea blend for you -because nothing beats a great cuppa!