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Bar Tin


This bar tin has been handcrafted in Cygnet, Tasmania using traditional crafting methods. It has been coated with a thin layer of cooking oil to protect it. With no chemical coating or treatments used, SG Emmet & Son boast that these are tins like Grandma used to use!

Care intructions:

Hand wash in warm water using milk soap or detergent -do not use harsh abrasives. Dry thoroughly using the residual heat from your warm oven.

Seasoning instructions:

To season your tin, coat it in a very fine layer of live oil and place in a cold oven upside down, then bring oven temperature up to very hot. Bake for 20 minutes then allow to cool. You may wish to repeat. 

Making a difference

  • Designed and made locally means there are minimal carbon miles
  • When cared for properly this tin will serve you for many years, long outlving chemically coated alternatives


  • Comes in various sizes, to meet any baking needs you have
  • Made out of 100% high quality tin, coated in oil


SG Emmet & Son were established in Moonah in 1924. Nearly 100 years later, the local business is still using the same machinery they did in the 1930's! With a hand made cake tin for every occasion, SG Emmet will have something for a novice baker, a professional caterer, and anyone in between.