eZee Battery Tall Pack


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The whopping 28 and 34 amp-hour lithium battery fits into any eZee that uses a vertical battery pack. This includes the Sprint, Forza, Street, Expedir (cargo) and Torq.

By using higher grade, energy dense lithium-ion cells, these high-capacity batteries changes electric transport, letting you travel distances previously unimaginable by electric bicycle.

Whether you need to do a long daily commute or you work by bicycle, love e-bike touring or you just plain don't want to even think about battery range while you go about your life, these are the batteries that will bring you satisfaction.

After using a pair of these batteries from Cape York to Sydney, covering 4400km of the most demanding terrain in just 38 days of riding we can say that these are the batteries that will outlast you! It was rarely the batteries that stopped the day's riding goals. End of daylight, sore legs and bum or the call of dinner (or two) usually pulled up stumps before the batteries were finished. One of the 36V 28Ah packs was road tested on our 5500km e-bike ride from Perth to Sydney giving amazing range on a fully loaded touring electric bike.

The dimensions are 75mm x 115mm x 470mm. This is 90mm taller than the standard eZeebike vertical pack battery, which has implications for seat height. The 28 Ahr version weighs 5.4kg and when fully drained it can take up to 8 hours to charge.