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Beauty & the Bees Air Dry Soap Saver


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This magnetic, self-adhesive, wall-mounted soap holder is great for storing and drying your soap, shampoo and conditioner bars in between use in any room of the house.

Made from sustainable Beech wood, the ‘buy-once’ Air Dry Soap Saver prolongs the life of your soap, shampoo and conditioner bars while leaving your kitchens, workshops and bathrooms uncluttered and plastic-free.


  • ‘Scandi’ Beech wood design
  • Self-adhesive strip, suitable for glass, tiles and mirrors
  • Screws, suitable for wood, wall plaster and cork
  • Magnet (fixed onto the wall mount)
  • Detached metal disk (two included), smooth on one side, indented on the other, suitable for insertion into soap, shampoo and conditioner bars.

How to use:

  • Erecting the wall-mount using self-adhesive: peel paper backing off the self-adhesive pad and press firmly onto a clean, dry surface. Please note: allow 24 hours before first use to ensure the adhesive to fully harden (this is important).
  • Erecting the wall-mount using screws: place screw into the hole provided on the soap-holder and screw into place using a drill. This method allows for immediate use.
  • Using the holder: simply press the metal disc provided firmly into the middle of the flattest side of your soap (or shampoo, conditioner) bar. Once the metal disc is secure, snap it on to the wall-mount and you are done!