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Beauty & the Bees Pet Shampoo Bar 120 g


A chemical-free solid shampoo bar for your pet, so you can give them the royal treatment. Chemical-free and made right here in Tasmania these bars are made to clean, condition and deodorise. Use on your pet for a shiny coat and healthy skin without stripping vital moisture and oils from their coat or skin. They are packed full of Tasmanian Kunzea and antibacterial Indian neem oil, so also play an important part in deterring fleas. Choose from the Gorgeous Georgie’s or Busta’s Bonanzas bar, both contain the same ingredients but are packaged to appeal to individual tastes.

Making a difference

  • Tasmanian owned and made
  • Locally made means less carbon miles
  • 100% biodegradable pure vegetable soap
  • 100% chemical and detergent free
  • All ingredients are natural waxes / oils which harmlessly biodegrade in waterways.
  • Plastic-free compostable packaging


  • Solid shampoo bar for your pet 
  • Cleans, conditions and deodorises 
  • For a shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Does not strip vital moisture and oils from coat / skin
  • A great economical option as one bar goes a long way

Ingredients: Coconut oil; Mount Wellington spring water (soap nut infused); olive pomace oil; castor oil; sunflower oil: Leatherwood beeswax; soy wax; Tasmanian seaweed extract; essential oils (Neem, Tea tree, Penny Royal, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Citridoria & Kunzea); Sodium borate (Borax) <1%; Leatherwood honey