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Bee Kind Waterproofing Bar 100 g


The Bee Kind beeswax heavy duty water repellent and protecting wax is made from the highest quality Beeswax and blend of waxes. A great option for heavy duty waterproofing projects like outdoor equipment, float and tent awnings, tent seams, jackets or pants, bike wear, back packs, hats, synthetic and canvas horse covers, horse saddle blankets, trekking boots, jeans, canvas shoes, fishing & hunting gear, rucksacks, tents and hiking boots. Any surface that requires a heavy duty waterproofing surface.

Easy to use. Can be used in hard to reach seams and stitching. Wax needs to be heated and cured into fabric for high-quality results. 



1. First, ensure that the product you are applying this to is clean and dry. Use a cloth to hold the bar and rub back and forth over the surface, which creates the 

friction needed to loosen the wax.

2. Ensure the wax has been SPREAD EVENLY over the surface. 

3. HEAT the wax into the fabric using either:

• A heat gun

• A hair dryer on a HIGH heat setting (for smaller garments).

• An iron set to a LOW SYNTHETIC setting.

4. If applying to a large surface area such as a horse cover, for the best results apply a second coating of the wax bar straight after you have heated thoroughly 

the first application.

5. If the look of the wax is white and it is sticky to touch it has not been cured into the fabric. So it won’t be waterproof. So re-apply heat using the above 


6. Leave overnight to dry and cure.