Body of Nature Shampoo Bar


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Body of Nature brings nature into your bathroom, making this solid shampoo bar on the southern Tasmanian coastline. Packaged in only a paper bag, this bar helps limit the need for any plastic bottles in your bathroom. It’s also really good value, as if looked after (kept safely tucked away from splashes of water in a free draining spot) it can last well over 30 washes. It’s conditioning too, so many don’t need to use conditioner afterwards. 

Making a Difference

  • Made locally in Tasmania
  • Palm-free
  • Vegan
  • Plastic-free
  • Supports Wombat Rescue Tasmania


  • Solid 60 g shampoo bar
  • Also has conditioning properties 
  • Packaged in a paper bag 
  • Suitable for all hard types


Body of Nature is committed to reducing the amount of plastic in our environment. They believe that animal products should not be used in body products due to environmental impacts and unethical practices. Their products are free of toxins that cause us harm and organic raw materials are used wherever possible to reduce chemicals in our soils and waterways.