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Body of Nature Surf Zinc 55 g


Body of Nature’s surf zinc is a must for any eco bathroom and is super versatile! Popular for surfers and beachgoers as it offers a natural sun protectant barrier which stays on in the water. It’s also popular as an everyday protective foundation because of its creamy but light texture, and there are three tones available. Packed with zinc oxide and iron oxide which naturally act as a protective barrier against UVA and UVB rays. Each tin also includes nourishing ingredients such as organic hemp seed, macadamia, avocado and pumpkin seeds oil which make sure the product only does good to your skin (and doesn’t dry it out). 

Ingredients: Zinc oxide (27%), organic hemp seed oil, olive wax, organic oils of: macadamia nut, safflower, avocado and pumpkin seed, candelilla wax, silica, abyssinian oil, natural vitamin e, iron oxide (yellow, red, brown, black)

Making a Difference

  • Made locally in Tasmania
  • Ocean-safe, environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Palm-free
  • Vegan
  • Plastic-free
  • Supports Wombat Rescue Tasmania


  • Tin of natural ‘surf zinc’
  • Zinc oxide and iron oxide provides a barrier against the sun
  • Nourishing and protective 
  • Doesn’t rub off easily in the water
  • Can be used as a foundation 


Body of Nature is committed to reducing the amount of plastic in our environment. They believe that animal products should not be used in body products due to environmental impacts and unethical practices. Their products are free of toxins that cause us harm and organic raw materials are used wherever possible to reduce chemicals in our soils and waterways.