BrewSmith Brewing Refill Pack


Refill pack for Brewsmith Brewing Kits.

Brewsmith Kits are the easiest way to make great beer at home. In 3 steps you could have boutique home made beer in your fridge – it’s easier than making a cake! 

Refill kits contain eveything you need for your next brew - malt extract, hops, specialty grains and premium brewing yeast. 

Making a difference

Made from all Australian hops. 

Zero preservatives!

Poduces smaller quantities - no special equipment needed only a normal kitchen and kitchen equipment.

The kits have been tried and tested and refined until just right.  


The process is fun!  You actually cook the beer on a stove top and add the hops yourself.

High quality ingredients – on par with commercial craft breweries. First time beer making can be a success and each brew will be consistent.

Can be customised to suit your tastes – experiment! - try orange or lime zest in your blonde ale ora treacle infused Russian Imperial stout!

Aussie Wattle - an easy drinking and delicious beer that shows off a unique Australian flavour. This beer is made from all Australian hops and fresh-ground wattle seed - which adds flavour and body to the beer (you’ll taste a slight nuttiness and a rich mouth-feel). 

Honey Bomb Wheat - a strong, sweet and hoppy beer with subtle wheat flavours and a honey aroma. Drink this one anytime, it’s light enough for hot days, but still rewarding on the cool ones. Use local honey and let the delicious natural flavours shine through.

Simple Cider - is made from real apples. It really is simple: easy to make and you get a simple, pure taste. 

Citrus Blond - a bright and refreshing drop - very easy drinking with coriander seed (included) and fresh lemon zest (add your own).