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Bushcraft Botanicals Tasmania Gin Kit


Hand-craft your very own Tasmanian inspired gin using distinctly Australian native botanicals. Choose between Peppered Devil & Bush Berry, or a Wild Citrus & Tasmanian blend. The Standard Gin Kit contains everything you need to transform 2 x 700ml bottles of unflavoured vodka (not provided) into your very own artisan gin imbued with the wonderful flavours of Australian bush botanicals.


  • Peppered Devil: anise myrtle, cardamom, coriander, riberries, strawberry bush, sweet cinamell, Tasmanian pepper berries, Tasmanian pepper berry leaves, wattleseed.
  • Bush Berry: coriander, muntries, riberries, rosebuds, wild rosella flowers, strawberry gum, Tasmanian lavender, Tasmanian pepper berries.
  • Wild Citrus: coriander, finger lime powder, lemon myrtle, riberries, strawberry gum, Tasmanian pepper berries, tea tree.
  • All Tasmanian: kunzea, lemon tea tree, native thyme, sea parsley, Tasmanian green tea, Tasmanian lavender, Tasmanian pepper berries, Tasmanian pepper berry leaves, black truffle, wild lettuce.

Making a difference

  • Packaging is home compostable cardboard, compostable pouches, and eco-friendly labels
  • Supports Bush Heritage Australia, a charity that focuses on land and species conservation
  • Supports The Outback Spirit Foundation, a charity that supports Ingigenous enterprises



  • The kit includes 2 pouches of organic juniper berries and 2 pouches of Australian bush botanical blends, a 700 ml glass bottle, a stainless steel funnel, a washable/reusable hemp filter, two string tie labels to personalise your gin creations, and a full set of instructions
  • Extra botanical blends can be purchased seperately, without having to buy another whole kit
  • The gin making process is super easy and only takes 36 hours


Bushcraft Botanicals was born from the inspiration to give you the opportunity to craft your own gin, featuring Australian native ingredients. All their products are lovingly created in Australia’s beautiful island state of Tasmania. They aim to focus on sustainability, acknowledging the native food knowledge of Indigenous peoples, and helping you make delicious gin, of course!