Bushcraft Botanicals Tasmania Gin Kit Refill


Bushcraft Botanicals is a Tasmanian owned company simplifying the process of making your own gin using Australian native botanicals. This refill kit will transform two bottles of boring 700 ml vodka into two magical native dream bottles of gin of the same size, with 36 hours. The refill kit is designed to be used with the Bushcraft Botanicals Tasmanian Gin Kit or the Bushcraft Botanicals Tasmanian Gin Kit Premium. However it can be used by itself if you have a funnel, filter cloth, and 2 x empty 700 ml bottles to put your new gin in. 

Choose between these two kit flavours:

Peppered Devil & Bush Berry

  • Peppered Devil - anise myrtle, cardamom, coriander, riberries, strawberry bush, sweet cinamell, Tasmanian pepper berries, Tasmanian pepper berry leaves, wattleseed.
  • Bush Berry - coriander, muntries, riberries, rosebuds, wild rosella flowers, strawberry gum, Tasmanian lavender, Tasmanian pepper berries.


Wild Citrus & All Tasmanian

  • Wild Citrus - coriander, finger lime powder, lemon myrtle, riberries, strawberry gum, Tasmanian pepper berries, tea tree.
  • All Tasmanian - kunzea, lemon tea tree, native thyme, sea parsley, Tasmanian green tea, Tasmanian lavender, Tasmanian pepper berries, Tasmanian pepper berry leaves, black truffle, wild lettuce.

Making a difference

  • Tasmanian owned and operated business
  • Eco-concious packaging 
  • 2.5% of the Gin Kit Refill Pack profits go to Bush Heritage 


  • Two different flavours in each refill pack 
  • Makes 2 x 700 mL bottles of gin 
  • BYO vodka 
  • Quick and simple kit