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Constant Craving Chocolate Box 240 g (Box of 10)


Tasmanian-made Constant Craving Chocolate balls use the finest quality ingredients to produce delicious and ethical chocolates which are completely free of animal products.

They are free of the lactose, cholesterol, gluten and saturated fats found in most dairy chocolates.

This allows almost everyone to indulge in the 'food of the Gods', whether they are lactose-intolerant, vegan/vegetarian, need to follow a gluten-free or low- cholesterol diet, or simply crave the taste sensation of top quality chocolate.

The flavours in this mix packet include:

Coconut Rough - this is a delicous combination of coconut and chocolate mixed together with the texture centred chocolates covered in a crispy chocolate coating making it a real crowd pleaser.

Apricot Dream - with dried apricots from South Australia this chocolate is a dreamy blend of piquant and sweet flavours.

Scorched Almond - these slow roasted almonds are enveloped in a chocolate shell creating a true delight.

Jaffa - a delicious combination of rich chocolate and orange with a smooth creamy filling dipped in hard shell of chocolate they are simply irresistible.

Coffee - rich coffee and chocolate, the perfect pick me up anytime of the day or night 


Ingredients: sugar, vegetable fat (including soy), cocoa solids 41%, Australian dried apricots, almonds, desiccated coconut, chicory coffee extract, coffee, natural flavouring orange, natural flavouring coconut, natural flavouring apricot, emulsifier 492, soy lecithin, colour 150D, preservative 220,224 sulphites