Durand Bread Cloch

Colour: Oatmeal

The Durand Handmade Bread Cloche's have been specially designed to provide the same traditional finish normally acheived from baking in a brick oven. It makes the perfect no-knead, crusty, artisan bread. The ceramic cloche absorbs heat in the oven so provides a crisp crust on a loaf. The lid seals the moisture inside so the loaf stays moist creating a light and airy texture inside. The cloche also can be used for baking casseroles, vegetables and so on. 

Each Bread Cloche is handmade in Australia using Australian organic stoneware clay. The glazes are non-toxic, lead free and don't leach impurities. The Cloche is also dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: about 16 to 18 cm high, and 24 cm to 26 cm wide.

Made locally using local clay and labour means it has a smaller carbon footprint. Each cloche is high quality so will last a long time (if not broken). As it is made from natural materials it will break down over time.