Durand Fluoride Reduction Water Filter 15 L


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The Durand Fluoride Reduction Water Filter uses a Doulton™ Ceramic filter in conjunction with Berkey™ PF-4 elements to provide 2,000 Litres of clean water before needing to replace the filters.

These filters have international testing and are effective at reducing fluoride. Filters are tested and guaranteed for the 2,000 Litres they are tested at, unlike many other filters available. 

Berkey™ PF-4 elements use inert activated alumina to adsorb the sodium fluoride that is added to many town water sources in Australia and New Zealand. Activated alumina is a nuturally occurring, inorganic non-toxic compound known as corundum. Rubies and sapphires are examples of the same corundum compound. Activated alumina is vastly different to aluminium as it is not water-soluble and not associated with negative health effects.

If you are unsure whether or not fluoride removal is for you, we reccomend you doing some of your own research. These systems can also be used without the added fluoride filter if you change water supplies, or move in the future to an area that doesn't add fluoride to the town water supply.