Dyson Tilba Electric Bike


Since the launch of the Tilba it has gained a lot's of love for it classic style and compact dimensions suited to the smaller rider.

For the 2021 model year the Tilba has evolved further.

The first batch has arrived on the 7th of September and has been completely snapped up by the dedicated Dyson Bikes Dealer network. So, while we are out of stock your local Dealer may have one available.

What's new?

The new frame design features an integrated rack welded to the frame allowing for the fitment of powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

The rear rack supports the rear mudguard for a more secure fit over the 2019 model.

To handle the extra stopping power of the hydraulic disc brakes the front fork has been redesigned with extra strength.

The integrated lighting now has a brake light function, the rear light will flash when the brakes are applied.

A drink cage mount has been added to the back of the seat tube for mounting accessories, in particular the ETook plate lock, pump of other accessories.

The running gear has been upgraded with a Shimano Altus derailleur and Shimano cassette, (previously a screw-on freewheel) with taller gearing for a lower cadence. 


Some of the things you'll love:

Designed for the style lovers and available in an acqua or cherry red.

Ride in comfort with an upright riding position.

Smaller frame - perfect for riders under 170cm, at it lowest position the seat is just 87cm from the ground.

A drink cage mount on the down tube so you can hydrate on the go - and not have to take your eyes off the road.

The super comfortable 22cm wide sprung seat comes as standard.

It's quiet as a mouse! The 200w motor is super quiet and strong.

Ride even further! The battery is available in 11.6Ah or optional 15Ah capacity for those ready to tackle longer rides (Riding in level 1 with the 15Ah battery will give you up to 14 hours of riding!)

A wide range of power assist levels (1-5) - you have the option of as little as 35 Watts of assist in level 1 with both pedal assist or throttle control and this gradually increases to the full 200 Watt mode in level 5.

Level H offers you the option to ride with the unique thumb throttle or to ride it with your own pedal power.

The Tilba e-bike also features integrated lighting front and rear - powered from the main battery and a brake light.

Want to make your bike stand out from the crowd?

Looking for something a little different? No problem, we're happy to fit unique parts to your new electric bike to suit your riding style, like a basket and child seat (please note these accessories are available at additional cost).