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Low-Tech Soap Shaker


Hand-crafted soap shaker that uses dish soap instead of detergent.

Go plastic-free when washing up with this simple galvanized steel soap shaker. Just pop your soap in and shake it around your sink full of warm water. As well as washing dishes, you can use it to handwash your clothes or even a foamy bath. 


Dimensions: Width: 10.5 cm, Depth: 7 cm, Height: 3 cm, Length: 24.5 cm


Making a difference

  • Reusable - made to last a lifetime!
  • Plastic-free
  • Zero-waste
  • Economical - saves you money!


  • Made from galvanised steel wire (develops a grey patina with use as the zinc coating matures)
  • Created by a small business in New Zealand


Soap Shaker only, no soap is included.