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eMicro Merlin


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The new eMicro Merlin is a super smooth electric scooter with full suspension, built-in lighting, simple controls and built in electronic display.

The eMicro Merlin can reach speeds of 25km/h* with a range of up to 25km* for rider autonomy. With the handy display, you can instantly check the current battery level, speed and more.

A responsive thumb throttle and brake provides intuitive handling and ensures trips can be made safely and effortlessly.

Comparatively lightweight and compact the emicro Merlin can be easily carried, stored at the office or tucked away on public transport. The foot engaged folding mechanism enables you to quickly release and lower the scooter with ease and control.

The 11kg electric scooter has an outstanding performance ability through the combination of dual suspension and large 200mm wide rubber tyres which provide extra grip and absorption of impact/vibration. The cruise control function makes the longer distances easy and not to mention comfortable to travel at a steady speed.

Be seen and safe with the intelligent, integrated light which automatically switches on when riding in the dark. The new emicro Merlin embodies the utmost in electric functionality and design built with the latest technology and comfort at the core.


(* the range is dependent on the weight of the rider, speed setting selected and the hilliness and surface of the paths used)