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Ethique Glow Deodorant Bar 70 g


For every Ethique deodorant bar you purchase, you prevent 2 plastic bottles from being manufactured and disposed of in landfill!  Ethique designed their deodorant bars as an alternative to the deodorants on the market that have excessive plastic packaging and are made with harmful chemicals. Ethique deodorant bars are suitable for all skin types and are proven to help prevent body odour and decrease perspiration. They are entirely plastic free, palm oil free and vegan.

Ethique deodorant bars contain four main ingredients, the first being aloe vera which soothes the skin and helps to prevent irritation. They contain bamboo that helps to absorb sweat and yeast extract that targets and eliminates bacteria that causes odour, without removing the benificial bacteria on the skin. The deodorant bars also contain horsetail and sage extract, that are clinically proven to reduce sweating. For a full list of the ingredients in the different deodorant bars, please visit the Ethique websit.


Ethique are a certified B corporation and are entirely climate neutral and cruelty free. In 2015, the company was recognised as the most sustainable business in New Zealand when they were awarded the the 'Best in the B' title.  All Ethique products and packaging are designed and manufactured within New Zealand and are completely biodegradable.  Ethique have also committed to donating 20% of their annual profits to charity.