eZee Expedir Alfine (without battery)


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(Note that the price does not include a battery).

The Expedir Alfine is one of the most practical electric cargo bikes worldwide, adapting easily to suit the needs of any individual.  The bike has been rigorously tested in the hilly Sydney terrain to ensure that it is suitable for all conditions. Whether you are travelling, carrying children or transporting shopping or equipment, the Expedir is the bike for you!


·      Chromoly frame – super strong and light

·      Low Step Through design to make mounting and dismounting easy with a load

·      Plenty of length behind the rider to tailor the bike to their needs (Up to 100kg)

·      Space to mount a battery of any size (11ah, 15ah, 19ah, 28ah, 34ah)

·      Specially designed kickstand which engages even with the payload

·      Shimano Alfine Hydraulic Disc Brakes – compatible for usage of metallic brake pad wear which increases the usage between services

·      Shimano Alfine 8 Internal Gear Hub with Chain Tensioner – changing gears has never been so easy. The Alfine internal gear hub removes that clunky feeling of changing gears. You can also change gears while stationary which really assists take offs up hills or at the start of intersections. The chain tension also increases the length between service visits as it keeps tension on the chain so it never falls off

·      Bright front light powered at 400 lumens and bright rear light – both powered into your battery so you never have to charge

·      Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres which drastically reduce the chance of punctures

·      Mudguards to prevent rain damaged clothes

·      Axa Wheel Lock for short usages to buy coffee or run into a store 

·      Wheel skirts and running boards to make carrying children easier 

·      eZee Generation 3 electric system. The upgrade from Gen 2 has seen eZee add a LCD screen which integrates your speed and odometer into the control console, while also giving you 8 smooth levels of pedal assistance. The new console is located on the left hand side which makes changing power modes easy as well as freeing up the handlebar for coffee or phone holders. The Gen 3 system now also comes with a Torq Sensing bottom bracket, this transforms the electric system to feel integrated and seamless. The Gen 3 system still comes with the great eZee throttle, a necessary feature for electric bikes to aid take off and provide boosts of assistance when necessary.