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Fressko 'Lift' Glass Flask 500 ml


The Fressko 500 ml 'Lift' flask is the largest in the range. Ideal for the coffee lover, Fressko flasks feature double-walled borosilicate glass to keep your beverages steaming hot or icy cold. The simplicity of the 2 in 1 infuser and leak-proof lid enables you to easily brew on the go. Fressko flasks are perfect for hot/cold brew tea and coffee, as well as, smoothies, kombucha and fruit infused water.

Dimensions: Length: 25 cm, Width: 5 cm, Depth: 5 cm

Making a difference

  • Reusable
  • Designed in Melbourne 
  • Made from Borosilicate glass


  • Hot or cold for up to 4 hours
  • Borosilicate glass is extra thick to increase durability 
  • Leak-proof

Fressko is a Melbourne based company that is focussed on creating simple, sustainable, environmentally-friendly products. Fressko flasks are entirely free from plastic, rubber, BPA and nasty chemicals. All lids are crafted from bamboo and have a food grade silicone liner.