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Go Bamboo Veggie Brush


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Tough on your veggies, kind on the planet. A mindful veggie brush featuring a bamboo handle which comfortably fits into the shape of your hand. Effortlessly scrub away dirt (and pesticides) from your fresh produce with its bass fibre bristles. Go bamboo!

Dimensions: Height: 8 cm, Width: 5cm

Making a difference

  • Locally made in NZ so less carbon miles 
  • Minimal biodegrable packaging made from recycled cardboard and jute
  • Retain the goodness in your veggies by scrubbing them instead of peeling them
  • Protect our ocean critters by using compostable bamboo based products instead of relying on plastic
  • Less waste in landfill


  • Sustainable bamboo body
  • Natural bass fibre bristles 


Go Bamboo are a NZ based business serious about keeping plastic off our coastlines and beaches and out of our oceans. First inspired by the devastating impact of plastics in our oceans, Go Bamboo noticed a limited supply of alternatives to plastic products available locally and set out to fix this. As a family they started producing environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrushes, and from there now offer pegs, veggie brushes and cotton buds. Mick and Anna provide simple and sustainable alternatives to the little things we use everyday.