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Goodeau Deodorant Creme 60 g


Good + Clean is a gentle and effective deodorant that leaves your skin soft and well moisturised.  Good for you, good for our planet and all the good feels with 10% of your purchase donated to conservation projects!  The crème-to-powder formula contains a blend of superfine minerals and plant powders to keep you dry and inhibit any odour-causing bacteria to keep you smelling good (and clean) all day!

Dimensions: Diameter: 65 mm, Height: 20 mm, Weight (product): 70 g

Making a difference

  • Plastic-free
  • Minimal packaging (no uneccesary boxes)
  • Good + Clean use an eco-friendly social enterprise for their business printing
  • Clean, natural ingredients that are safe for you and safe to wash down the drain
  • Vegan
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • 10% of every sale is donated to conservation projects


  • Free from sodium bicarbonate
  • Scented with natural essential oils
  • Comes in a light and reusable tin


Good & Clean founder Candice had been using green beauty products for some time, not only as a way of reducing her environmental impact, but also to look after her own health. After some issues with her lymphatic system, reducing the potential toxins she was exposed to and letting her body do its thing naturally became critical. The only problem was that a lot of these green products still used unsustainable and unrecyclable packaging and shipping materials. 

So she began to maker her own products, prioritising clean, safe ingredients, but also considering the impact on the environment at every stage.  She decided to create a business that was also a social enterprise so that every single purchase could have an even more positive impact on the environment.  And so with the help of some expert skincare formulators, designers and fellow greenies, Good + Clean was created.