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Headu Montessori My Little House


Put things in order and fit out your own wonderful house. Children will enjoy completing activity cards depicting six rooms in a house. Find a home for 30 uniquely shaped objects. The completed rooms then come together to form a home. This educational activity kit gives children the freedom to work at their own pace and incrementally solve a range of challenges.

With this maxi-game, children can classify objects, identify their shape, and locate their correct place in the home. Focuses on acquiring personal identity and independence, developing touch, recognizing shapes and classifying objects.

Making a difference

  • Made in Italy 
  • Made with durable materials 


  • Suitable for ages 2-5 years
  • Features a artcard house made from 6 room templates; plus 30 shape tokens. Includes a teaching guidesheet for parents and educators.
  • Made from chunky cardboard.


Headu is an innovative project that aims to develop a child's multiple intelligences. During the learning process and while building skills, children use their brains in different ways, as if drawing on different sets of "intellectual resources". Headu follows the Lifelong Playing Headu (LPH) method in 3 key points that promotes, stimulates and mobilizes the natural intelligence of children through play, with fun teaching devices and oriented to the training of essential and useful skills that train in a spontaneous unforced way the capacity for lifelong learning.