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Hebie Viper X726 Mudguards


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Hebie VIPER X 726 - The exclusive accessory for MTB with top equipment. If all other options failed, as a last resort the VIPER X acts as a saddle mudguard (rear) or as a fork clamping guard (front, 751F V). VIPER X 726 is the most durable mudguard of its type. The buckle fastening was actually first developed for ski boots and fixes the VIPER X onto the saddle tube. The fine adjustment of the arm over the double joint is remarkably stable. Exclusive splash guard for rear wheel. Suitable for frames with and without suspension.

About Hebie - Tradition Meets Modern

Hebie have been making bicycles into a means of transport for more than 100 years and have acquired and preserved a vast fund of knowledge through numerous patented inventions in the specific areas they serve.

Even as early as the 1980s, Hebie revolutionised the market for sports bikes with clip-on mudguards. Today, Hebie are regarded as pioneers for inventions in the field of stand technology - including the steering damper – to the invention of the attachment- free, floating chain protection, the Chainglider.

Why not take advantage of the Hebie development team's creativity and expertise and make your bikes modern.urban.mobile.


Always to remain clean!

This has been the Hebie mission statement since many years.

Hebie have taken up the challenge of combining ecology and economy. Assuming responsibility for today‘s and tomorrow‘s generations is a very important issue for Hebie.

The way the company is handling resources and eco-friendly products and getting involved in environmental projects shows its responsibility and ecological commitment.

Hebie employees identify themselves very strongly with the company and its goals - after all they manufacture products for the most eco-friendly mode of transport, i.e., the bicycle!

Hebie have been manufacturing bicycles as a means of transport for 100 years and are aware that we are privileged to work in an industry that is perfectly suited for giving special importance to environmental protection!

Hebie are committed to our mission statement and we shall continue to make sure that more and more people opt for cleanliness.

Hebie always simple neat.