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Hannahpad Organic Pad Medium


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Hannahpads are an eco-friendly way to manage your menstrual cycle.  Made from certified organic cotton with a leak-proof outer cover, the reusable cloth pads are soft, comfortable and absorbent.  The Medium hannahpad is ideal for use on regular flow.  See size chart to determine the best size for you.  Please note patterns vary.

Dimensions: Length: 27 cm, Width (main pad): 8 cm, Width (wings) 18 cm, Weight: 28 g, Absorbency: Maximum 35 ml

Making a Difference

  • Reusable for 2-3 years
  • Sustainable - reduces waste from single use pads or tampons
  • Chemical free is good for the Earth and good for you!
  • Cost-effective


  • Made from certified organic unbleached and non-dyed cotton 
  • Extra-grip silicone dots prevent pad moving
  • Leakproof outer cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Chemical & perfume free
  • Bleach & dioxin free
  • High absorbency
  • Suitable for menstruation, incontinence and postpartum
  • Comes with wings that wrap around your underwear and secure with a snap fastener
  • Comfortable


Hannahpad is a non-toxic menstrual cloth pad that is designed and made in Korea. The CEO of hannahpad Korea created hannahpad due to the pain suffered by his female friend during her period.  Marcus (the director of hannahpad Australia) and his wife Jenny liked the concept of hannahpad so much that they decided to bring it to Australia & New Zealand.  Jenny suffered from severe pain during her period that required her to take pain medication, so she started to search for the best solution to manage her period and her health. She wanted to avoid harmful chemicals wherever possible, which is how they discovered hannahpad.  Hannahpad was originally established in 2005 to offer a non-toxic and organic alternative in Korea. Marcus and Jenny are passionate about spreading hannahpad globally, so that more people can have access to a healthier product for their menstrual cycle.