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Jungle Direct U-Shopper Basket Short Handled Mini


These handmade baskets are created by talented weavers in Ghana, using elephant grass, which grows in abundance in the region of West Africa. The long leaves of the elephant grass make it perfect for creating gorgeous baskets such as these. Perfect for storage, going to the beach, for a picnic, or shopping at the Sunday markets!

Dimensions at widest point: 20-28 cm

Note: because each basket is handmade, sizes and colours vary. Please specify at checkout if you want a specific colour, and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Making a difference:

  • Jungle Direct provides fairtrade employment for basket weavers in a small village in Ghana
  • Baskets are made out of all natural materials


  • Made out of elephant grass with a leather covered handle for comfortable carrying. We also have a vegan option here
  • Baskets are handmade, making each one unique
  • If basket requires reshaping, simply submerge the basket in water, mold into desired shape, and leave to dry in the sun


Jungle Direct is commited to honouring the skills of basket weavers by providing them with fairtrade employment in Ghana. Profits, in part, go to aiding education and infrustructure in Ghana