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Kilner Preserving Jar Wide Mouth


Nothings beats the fresh and tangy taste of pickled vegetables especially when they are made from scratch and stored in the 500ml Kilner Wide Mouth Preserve Jar. Fill this wide-mouthed jar with pearl onions, baby carrots, or shredded radish and let them pickle to perfection in your favourite brine. The vacuum seal created by its two-piece metal lid will keep your stash fresh in the chiller just in time for your planned barbecue feast for the weekend.


  • Includes a clear glass jar and a two-piece metal lid that lets you seal its contents in a vacuum
  • Designed with a wide mouth opening for easy filling and preserving whole fruits or vegetables
  • Features handy volume indicators embossed on the side of the jar
  • Ideal for making fruit preserves, jams, pickled vegetables, and more
  • Reusable storage jar that is also perfect for giving out your delicious homemade food gifts

Please Note: We are not able to post jars outside of Tasmania due to the fragile and bulky nature of the glass. We may contact you if you have ordered more than we can ship or if you order and require shipping outside of Tasmania.