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Reisenthel Bike Trolley


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Reisenthel pannier and trolley carrier bag.

The KLICKfix system brings Reisenthel‘s handy and roomy shopping trolley to the world of bikes. On foot, the smooth rollers effortlessly carry your shopping. Once the shopping is done, the doubly adjustable telescopic handle elegantly disappears under a zipper.

The adjustable Vario hooks make fastening the trolley to carriers with Ø 6-16mm a breeze, while the central latch provides additional security over rough terrain. The trolley is made of tear resistant polyester and prepared for a left side usage on carriers.


  • Dimensions 43 x 53 x 21 cm
  • Weight 1.8kg
  • Internal volume 43 litres
  • Maximum load weight 10kg
  • on 2 caster wheels
  • Retractable handle
  • Fits on standard pannier racks


Dimensions 43 x 53 cm x 21 cm

Brand KLICKfix

Weight 1.8 kg

Volume 43 L


About KLICKfix

...fits everywhere

The KLICKfix quick-release system fits on every bike. You can select from a large variety of adapters and accessories. To suit your specific needs, the KLICKfix product range offers adapters for handlebar, saddle, frame, seat post and carrier.

...is fast, easy and safe

With just one "click" the bag, basket or any other accessory is securely fastened on your bike, without the need for straps or buckles. Simply press the red button to release.

...offers flexibility

You will always have the right equipment secured on your bike, carrying only those accessories you actually need for a given trip. Naturally, you can also transfer bags from one bike to another within seconds or use the same adapter for various different accessories.