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Linii Huon Pine Mist 100 ml


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Invite the essence of the temperate rainforest of South West Tasmania into your home with LINII® Huon Pine Mist. The mist offers a long-lasting, calming fragrance while also providing protection against silverfish, moths, fleas, and mites. 

Making a Difference:

  • All Huon Pine collected is repurposed forestry waste, and from natrually fallen timber -no logging involved. 
  • Linii purchases all packaging through Australian owned businesses and uses recycled packaging where possible
  • 90% of Linii products are delivered using a carbon neutral courier service
  • Linii provides rewarding, sustainable and enjoyable employment for people with a disability on the North West Coast of Tasmania


  • The 100 ml bottle gives you 200 sprays. The high oil content of the spray makes each one long-lasting
  • In can be used in all sorts of personal spaces, including on linen, clothing, and carpets, to freshen and invigorate the surroundings and keep pesky bugs away


Linii is a sustainability-focused company that celebrates Tasmania's iconic Huon Pine. They carefully source and preserve Huon Pine logs under government supervision to ensure its availability for future generations. Partnering with Bridestowe Estate, Linii extracts the fragrant and beneficial components of Huon Pine to create a range of eco-friendly products for homes, offices, and pets, proudly manufactured in Tasmania and distributed worldwide.