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Livos Glanos Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner (559)


Maintenance emulsion suitable for cleaning interior surfaces that have been oiled, waxed and lacquered.  Can be used for floors or furniture also for tiles and linoleum. Cleaning, leaving a thin wax film restoring gloss. Note To avoid the development of layers on floors, use GLANOS Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner every 4th to 5th cleaning.


Water, potash, shellac wax, carnauba wax, Japan wax, corn germ oil potassium soap, sugarfatty- acid condensate, citric acid , ethanol and glycerol.

Coverage: Diluted with water: 1 tablespoon of GLANOS is sufficient for 5 l of water.

Cleaning Up - Rinse cleaning cloth or mop after use in warm water.