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Loving Earth Boobook Chocolate Easter Eggs 100 g (10 Pack)


Share these beautiful Boobook chocolate easter eggs with loved ones this easter. Loving Earth combines raw Ashaninka cacao beans, creamy cashews and evaporated coconut nectar to produce these smooth, sweet and satisfying chocolates which have a soft caramel centre.

The purchase of these Boobook chocolage eggs supports the Great Forest National Park campaign which aims to declare the Mountain Ash forests to the east of Melbourne, a National Park.

Contains tree nuts so not suitable for people with tree nut allergies.

Vegan friendly

Ingredients: raw cashew* (28%), evaporated coconut nectar*°, virgin cacac butter*°(28% minimum), activated raw almond*, raw cacao beans*°, coconut*, pink lake salt, hazelnut*. *Certified organic, °Certified fair trade