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Le Parfait Super Terrine Jar


Le Parfait Super Terrine jars are great way to store dried food in your pantry and is also good for preserving fruit and vegetables. The Terrines have a slightly more conical shape which means their contents are more readily removed.


Please Note: We are not able to post jars outside of Tasmania due to the fragile and bulky nature of the glass.



200 ml: 86.1 mm x 83.3 mm, 70 mm

350 ml: 98.1 mm x 98.5 mm, 85 mm

500 ml: 107.1 mm x 113.5 mm, 100 mm

750 ml: 137.1 mm x 113.5 mm, 100 mm

1 L: 171.6 mm x 113.5 mm, 100 mm