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Lunchbots Medium Quad Lunchbox


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The Lunchbots Medium Quad lunchbox features four compartments, perfect for packing a range of snacks for the day.  Originally designed to encourage kids to eat their lunch, these lunchboxes are simple and stylish for both adults and children alike.  The beauty of the divided compartments is that they keep different food and snacks neat and separate without the need for multiple containers or single-use plastic coverings.  The Quad has four equal sized compartments and comes in classic stainless steel or with the option of a snap-on plastic dots cover to add a splash of colour.

Dimensions: Length: 15.2 cm, Depth: 12.7 cm, Height: 4.4 cm, Volume: 2.5 cups / 600 ml, Weight: 272 g

Sections: Length: 7.6 cm, Depth: 6.4 cm

Making a difference

  • Reusable - made to last a very long time
  • Plastic-free
  • Zero-waste
  • BPA-free, lead-free
  • Encourages children to eat their lunch!  


  • 4 separate compartments inside
  • Durable design 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to pack - no extra containers required
  • 100% food-grade 18/8 stainless steel interior and lid
  • Not leakproof or suitable for liquids 


Lunchbots are a US company founded by mother, Jacqueline Linder who was looking for ways to encourage her kids to eat their lunchbox contents when they were away at school for the day.  She first designed the original stainless steel bento box – a divided container that was easy to pack with a variety of healthy foods in 2008.  "I’d fill them with my kids’ favorite main dishes, fruits, vegetables, and sides and believe it or not, they came home from school empty!".  Lunchbots were created with the goal of simplifying packed lunches for adults and children alike and encouraging healthy eating while reducing waste from single-use plastic food coverings.