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Micro Scooters Speed+


The Micro Speed+ scooter is ideal for kids who want a faster ride and for adults that want a comfortable easy way to commute.  The Speed+ features dense, high-quality, PU wheels and shock absorbing hubs. This design allows for the scooter to maintain speed and smoothness as it travels over rough terrain as it is easily absorbs most bumps.


Handlebar Height: 66 cm - 98 cm, Deck Width: 12 cm, Deck Length: 42 cm, Foot Area Length: 34 cm, Ground Clearance: 3 cm. 


  • For Ages 7 - Adult
  • Easy Folding Action
  • Cool Flame Design
  • Shock Absorbing System
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Large 145 mm Wheels
  • Lightweight: 4.2 kg
  • Max Load: 100 kg

Micro is the leading brand of premium scooters across Australia and New Zealand. Micro scooters are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and have a large selection of models suitable for adults, and children all the way down to 1 years old. Their multi award-winning kids range, help children to develop balance and co-ordination, giving them independence and years of fun. Micro scooters are incredibly light-weight and compact, easily folding down to be carried or stowed away. Scooting is a free and fun way to travel that cuts walking time in half and is great for the environment.