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NBC Aurora (Latex and Hemp) Mattress 15 cm


Vegans – this is another mattress for you, and provides a little more support than our 10cm version. It has a 15cm carbon neutralised organic latex core and organic cotton and hemp cover. Unlike most of our mattresses, this cover is removable and cab be washed in cold water– great for kids.. Here’s more information about the materials we use.

Mattress thickness: 15cm

Mattress dimensions:

Single – 92cm x 193cm

King Single – 107cm x 203cm

Double – 137cm x 193cm

Queen – 153cm x 203cm

King – 183cm x 203cm


As mattresses are handmade to order, please allow up to 27 days for your product to be ready.

Latex is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and dust mite resistant. Natural latex is produced from raw rubber tree sap. The Natural Bedding company uses the highest quality natural latex, without any colourants or perfumes. The raw tree sap is grown in Sri Lanka. Unlike synthetic latex, natural latex does not have a malodour (the product of remaining petrochemicals that outgas).

Natural latex is good for the environment because it produces minimal waste and uses fewer toxic chemicals than synthetic latex and other foams used in bedding.