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Nature's Design Glass Water Bottle 500 ml with Cork Cover


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Nature's Design have created an elegant handcrafted glass water bottle made completely out of natural materials.  The wooden lid is lined with natural resins and has been designed to naturally degrade over time and can be replaced.   This design was created with the principles of the golden ratio and with the philosophy that water stores memory and can be imprinted with messages.  Comes in 2 styles, the Lagoena bottle has the flower of life on the base of the glass bottle and the Thank You bottle has "THANK YOU" both on the base of the bottle and etched into the cork cover to infuse your water with extra vitality.

Dimensions: Volume: 500 ml / 17 fl .oz

Making a Difference

  • Made from all natural materials
  • Plastic-free
  • Zero-waste
  • Reusable, recyclable & biodegradable 


  • Handcrafted lead-free glass bottle
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 70°C 
  • Protective cork sleeve 
  • Rubber rings made of natural caoutchouc compound
  • Tightly sealing wooden lid
  • Lagoena style has the flower of life pattern at the base of the bottle
  • Thank You has "Thank You" inscribed at the base of the bottle


Nature's Design are a Swiss company committed to creating products that are plastic-free and therefore good for the environment and good for you.  Their products were inspired by the findings of Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, who showed that intention can change the structure of water crystals.  The products are all created with three main philosophies at heart.

1.  THE POWER OF WATER: Water in nature has great taste, is vital and full of energy. Tap water no longer has such taste, nor such energy due to the unnatural environment and processes. Water has the power to receive, store, and transfer information. Since water perceives environmental influences, Nature’s Design products help it to become vital again.  

2. THE GOLDEN RATIO: The golden ratio relationships are all around us in nature. Sunflowers, fern leaves, our body, and inspired by this, in art and architecture.  Nature's Design have created products in the proportions of the golden ratio and established that water feels great in them. Nature's Design products give tap water its natural, hexagonal structure, and a genuine taste of spring water.

3. THE FLOWER OF LIFE: The flower of life is a powerful, ancient symbol that was used by different civilizations in different parts of the world more than 5,000 years ago. This symbol works to revitalise the water. The symbol “Flower of life” enriches vital water with extra energy.