Little Nutty Street MIPS


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Little Nutty Helmets are suitable for all street activities: bike, skate, roller, scoot. Little Nutty comes in a single size, XS, and generally fits children aged approximately 3 to  6 years old, with a head circumference of 48 cm to 52 cm. Little Nutty helmets have been designed with the prime focus being the safety of you little one. If Little Nutty is too small consider the Baby Nutty range. These easy-to-use helmets will make it even simpler for you and your family to enjoy riding. 

Nutcase were the first helmet brand to incorporate the Multi Impact Protection System (MIPS) into their ranges in 2018. Unlike standard helmets that combat linear forces, MIPS helmets are designed to also withstand rotational forces that result from certain impacts. MIPS use a slip-plane system that  mimics the brains own protection system, moving inside the helmet. The slip-plane rotates within the helmet with the aim of slowing and/or reducing the energy transferred to or from the head. 


  • Adjustable spin dial fit system for a comfy, snug, fit 

  • 3 sizes of foam inserts to achieve the perfect fit 
  • 368 g lightweight shell for growing bobble heads

  • Single-operated anti-pinch buckle with soft chin pad 

  • 360 degree reflectivity making your children more visible

  • Netted vents to keep bugs out

  • Compliant with ASNZS Standards for bicycle riding and international Standard ASTM FI492 for skating

Reduce your carbon emissions, spend time outside, exercise, and look stylish with a Nutcase helmet!