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Onya Bulk Food Bag Starter Kit

Sick of wasteful single-use plastic packaging? Buy your food in bulk��using��the funky, retro style Onya bulk food bags! Every Onya bulk food bag��has been skilfully manufactured from the��by-products of recycled plastic drink bottles. They can be used again and again, replacing many forms of single use plastics. The bulk food bags come in 3 convenient sizes and can be purchased separately or as a set with the��inclusion��of the Onya tote bag.��


Small Bag: 27cm long x 11cm wide with 6.5cm gusset

Medium Bag: 35cm long x 15cm wide with 8.5cm gusset

Large Bag: 40cm long x 21cm wide with 10.5cm gusset

Tote Bag: 30cm long x 39.5cm wide with 24cm gusset (includes built in pouch)

Bulk Set Carry Case (when folded): 22cm wide x 11.5cm long


  • 100% recyclable and sustainable
  • Made from��recycled plastic bottles��
  • Tare weight��printed on bad (ounces and grams)
  • Convenient clear window that allows you to see whats inside and to write product names, ect.��
  • BPA free
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty

Onya is an Australian company that designs and manufactures��alternatives to single-use plastics,��using��recycled materials. Onya bags��are made from rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate), which is the resulting product when you recycle old plastic water bottles into fibre.��Onya products can be recycled at the end of their life.


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