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Papoose Ball Earth Rainbow


These felt balls are designed to help kids learn while they play. They assist children in learning colours and numbers, and can be used in imaginative play. The balls are a safe and soft way for kids to develop their hand-eye coordination skills. They are sold individually and are lovingly handmade, making every one slightly unique.

Approx. Dimensions: Small: Length- 7 cm, Width- 7 cm, Height- 7 cm

Approx. Dimensions: Small: Length- 13 cm, Width- 13 cm, Height- 13 cm

Making a difference

  • Fair trade
  • Hand made by a women led co-operative in Nepal
  • Company based in Melbourne, Australia
  • 100% natural materials so they won't leave a lasting impact on our planet


  • Sold individually
  • Balls are striped with colourful but still earthy tones
  • Felt allows for tactile play
  • Supports imaginative play
  • 100% wool, and natural dyes


Papoose felt toys are handmade in Nepal by artisans from around Kathmandu.  Designed by Dutch designer Renske Carbone, whose company is based in Melbourne, Australia. All Papoose toys and decorations are safe for kids, hand made from natural fibres and dyed with non toxic dyes. A beautiful range of toys for imaginative play.